Florida Gators Shine in APR Again

The Gators Academic Progress Rate shines again this year. With an overall average APR of 989, they are above the NCAA average of 984.

What is an Academic Progress Rate?

In the early 2000s, institutions would determine their athletes’ academic success by graduation rate. This rate was found to be faulty, as it failed to take into account multiple factors that affected an athlete’s graduation, including transfers.

In response to this issue, in 2003, the NCAA introduced the APR. It more accurately interpreted academic success among athletes, taking into account retention and eligibility.

Now, the Academic Progress Rate is used to hold colleges accountable for the academic success of their student athletes. It also gives rewards and penalties to institutions, based on certain benchmark criteria. Additionally, in order to compete in championships, colleges must earn a four-year average APR of 930.

Gator APR Results

On top of having an overall average APR of 989, four Gator teams have a perfect average APR of 1000. Earning the perfect scores are women’s cross country, women’s golf, gymnastics and volleyball.

Additionally, twelve Gator athletic teams have an average Academic Progress Rate over the D1 average. Those top marks come from baseball, men’s basketball, women’s cross country, football, women’s golf, gymnastics, lacrosse, softball, women’s swimming and diving, men’s track and field, women’s track and field, and volleyball.  Men’s golf was right on par with the D1 average, with an APR of 988.

Florida athletics also received NCAA revenue distribution for meeting two of the academic requirements. The requirements the Gators met were that they earned an overall single-year all-sport APR of 985 or higher and they earned an overall all-sport Graduation Success Rate of 90% or higher.

Scott Stricklin

It’s safe to say the Florida Gators’ athletic director is extremely proud of the academic accomplishments. “Last month, we finished the academic year with an overall student-athlete GPA of 3.21 – the highest in program history,” said Stricklin, “Today’s APR is another example of the commitment Gator student-athletes show in the academic arena.”

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