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Pac-12 Schools Looking for a New Conference

From Pac-12 to Big-12

Some Pac-12 schools are looking for a new conference, and the Big-12 may be their landing spot. With USC and UCLA separating from the Pac-12 last week to join the Big Ten, the roster for the conference is dwindling. The Big-12 is looking to acquire new teams and is negotiating with Pac-12 schools looking to leave.

Dennis Dodd of CBS Sports reported that the Big 12 is looking to add up to six teams to the conference and is eyeing the weary Pac-12. Dodd says that at least four schools are targeted by the Big-12, specifically Arizona, Arizona State, Colorado and Utah.

There are many unknowns about the future of both conferences at the moment. Dodd says that nothing is off that table and pokes at the possibility of the Big-12 and Pac-12 merging somehow.

The Future

The Big-12 also needs new teams, with Oklahoma and Texas leaving for the SEC in 2025. The conference is set to add four new schools to its roster. Those teams include BYU, Cincinnati, Houston and UCF. These teams will join the conference along with the remaining teams, Baylor, Iowa State, Kansas, Kansas State, Oklahoma, TCU, Texas Tech and West Virginia.

With USC and UCLA joining the Big Ten in 2024, the Pac-12 only has two years to replace them. Notre Dame, an independent school trying to stay that way, is in the middle of Big Ten real estate and may be subject to joining the conference depending on the outcome of realignment.

The Pac-12’s Annual Average Value or AAV is down significantly after losing both USC and UCLA. “The Pac-12’s projected AAV dropped significantly from $500 million annually (approximately $42 million per school) to $300 million ($30 million) for the remaining ten teams,” per Dodd.

The Big-12 and Pac-12 are in a grudge match, with both being unhappy. The Pac-12 released a statement saying they would begin negotiations on its next TV contract with their current ten teams. The conference will also negotiate with rightsholders FOX and ESPN before exploring other offers and opportunities for the conference.

At the moment, the future and credibility of both conferences are in question. Much more is likely to unfold in the future as college football approaches.

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