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O’Cyrus Torrence on line play

This past Saturday the Florida Gators had a close game against University of South Florida. The game ended with a win for the Gators and a score of 31-28. Offensive lineman O’Cyrus Torrence had a few words to share about the offensive line. Here is a recap of what he said and what this means for the Gators moving forward.

Torrence on the Last Few Games

Regarding the the past three prior games, Torrence talks about how he thinks the Florida Gators offensive line have done a good job blocking so far this season. He says one thing they can get better at is having a faster reaction time is and having better communication between players. Torrence also talks about intuition and how they need to improve being able to know what the team they are against is going to do next.

He adds that being able to improve these things would build confidence withing the Gators, which will make them become “better and better as a group.”

Torrence says that the Gators have a chance to be great if they focus on the small things an the fundamentals as the season goes on. Small things are some of the things that got them there and they include “hand placement, footwork and stuff like that.”

“If we keep those small key details throughout the whole year, I feel like that will help us get to where we want to be at the end of the year and be great,” he says.

The Next Game: Florida vs. Tennessee

But what does this mean for the next Florida game?

Torrence says that in the last few games he feels that he has let the defensive line down. He explains how in the last game they were overworked because the defense was in over 50 plays. He says for the Tennessee game the offensive line needs to hold the ball a lot more. Torrence then adds that also being able to control the tempo of the game will help secure a win for the Gators.


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