Columbia Tigers Defeat Buchholz Bobcats In A Massive Blowout

The Buchholz Bobcats varsity baseball team lost to the Columbia Tigers Friday night. The game ended early following the mercy rule in the fifth inning. The final score was 10-0.

The Bobcats started the game with a record of 11-4, while the Tigers were 15-2. The Bobcats played the Tigers earlier that week.  The game was close, but the Tigers won 7-6. However, Friday’s contest was not a close one.

The Game

The game started very slowly and by the end of the second inning, both teams remained scoreless.

However, there was a dramatic shift at the top of the third inning. The Tigers scored six runs, allowing Columbia to take a tremendous lead. Mistakes were made by the Bobcats when their starting pitcher attempted a pickoff. The failure to complete the catch in the pickoff resulted in a Tiger making it to third base. The next pitch resulted in a single and a point for the Tigers.

Then, the bottom of the third started with a walk for the Bobcats. Buchholz remained hopeful for a comeback. However, the Bobcats received three back-to-back outs after the walk.

In the fourth inning, neither team recorded any runs, hits or errors. The Tigers were able to pick up the pace again in the fifth inning. The top of the inning resulted in four runs. Ending with a score of 10-0. The Bobcats had to score at least one point to prevent the mercy rule from coming into play. Unfortunately, that was not the case, and ended the night with a no-hitter game for the Bobcats.

Strengths of the Tigers

Columbia’s batters found open spaces in the outfields and bat there. Another strength of the Tigers is their ability to read the field and react promptly.

The star of the game was Columbia pitcher Josh Fernald. The Senior dominated on the mound, showcasing his versatility. The Tigers managed the win behind fantastic pitching and strong defense. Columbia allowed no hits the entire game for the Bobcats.

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