Saint Francis Wolves Baseball Falls to Trenton Tigers

The Saint Francis Wolves put forth their best effort during a home game against the Trenton Tigers. The Tigers defeated the Wolves 8-3 Monday afternoon.

Tigers Nabbing Runs

Both teams kicked off the first inning with a slow start. The Tigers were able to secure one run against the Wolves.

Moving into the second inning, Trenton gained momentum in their game, scoring two runs. It was clear that pitching by the Saint Francis Wolves had weaknesses.

The Wolves went through three pitchers during the duration of the game: junior Cooper Leifers, sophomore Liam Green, and freshman Christopher Durstine. It is evident that the Tigers used these weaknesses to their advantage, allowing them to score multiple runs.

The third inning fell to a standstill scoring-wise with neither team scoring any runs.

These runs in the second and fourth were mainly secured by the runs batted in. Senior Johnny Scott and eighth-grader Brant Bivens nabbed two and three runs batted in, respectively. 

Wolves Craving A Comeback

It was clear that the Wolves did not enjoy having zero runs, grabbing their first run in the fifth inning. The Tigers nabbed another run in the same inning. 

The Wolves were not the only team struggling with their pitching. Tigers went through three pitches during the duration of the game as well: eighth-grader Mason Vuncannon, eighth-grader Pierson Weatherilt, and junior Dax Becker. 

Another standstill inning kicked in for the sixth inning with neither team scoring any runs.

The Wolves made their last jab at a comeback, earning two runs in the seventh inning compared to the Tigers’ final run. This raised the score up to a final 8-3.

Wolves On The Prowl For Success

After this loss, Saint Francis falls to 8-13 for their season. This was their final non-district game for this season. The Wolves go up against an unknown team on May 1st at home.

The Wolves keep their heads held high moving into the final portion of their season. It is clear that the coach encouraged the players to move forth with confidence heading into the last few games.

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