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NFL Fantasy Booms and Busts Week 3

Week 3 has ended for the NFL, and fans across the league participated in Fantasy Football. There were plenty of booms and just as many busts this week.

Fantasy Booms

De’Von Achane & Raheem Mostert: The Dolphins dominated the league this week. Beating the Broncos 70-20. Not only did the Dolphins dominate the league, both running backs absolutely crushed it in fantasy. Rookie Achane put up 51 points this week. He had 18 carries for 203 yards, as well as two touchdowns. The Dolphins have established a strong running game, which will only get stronger as the season continues. Mostert put up 45 points, not as much as Achane, but still very impressive. He scored three touchdowns and had 13 carries for 82 yards. What is most impressive is that this is one week for the Dolphins, just the running backs put up 96 points in fantasy, you don’t see that every day.

Next matchup: Miami Dolphins @ Buffalo Bills

Keenan Allen: The Chargers went to Minnesota and beat the Vikings. Wide receiver Keenan Allen was able to put up 36.5 points. Allen received the ball 18 of 20 times for 215 yards. Even though he did not score a touchdown, he did help with a passing touchdown to Mike Williams. Now with Williams’ injury, Allen will probably become the Chargers new target for Herbert.

Next matchup: Las Vegas Raiders @ Los Angeles Chargers

Adam Thielen: Even though the Panthers lost to the Seahawks, WR Adam Thielen still made his presence in Fantasy Football. Thielen caught 11 of 14 targets for a total of 145 yards. He also scored a touchdown. Thielen put up 31 points in fantasy. Even though he was not the highest scoring, he shows some of the biggest improvement since the previous two weeks.  The key difference to this game was a change in quarterbacks. For the past two weeks, Bryce Young was the starting quarterback, this week, it was Andy Dalton.

Next matchup: Minnesota Vikings @ Carolina Panthers

And Busts

Sam Howell: Washington Commanders lost to the Buffalo Bills. Even though Howell was up against the Bills, he didn’t even put up a point (.6) in Fantasy Football. He was sacked nine times. Howell threw four interceptions and three picks. Threw no touchdowns. Completed 19 of 29 passes for 170 yards. The Commanders were doomed from the beginning, but to not put up a full point on fantasy means Howell deserves to be on this week’s busts list.

Next matchup: Washington Commanders @ Philadelphia Eagles

Derrick Henry: A loss in Cleveland 27-3. Derrick Henry did not perform this game. Only scoring two points this week. He had 11 carries and only put up 20 yards. Henry is normally the heavy hitter for the Titans, so for him to be the weaker end of the team does not look good for Tennessee. However, the Titans have been passing more to Tyjae Spears.

Next matchup: Cincinnati Bengals @ Tennessee Titans

Tee Higgins: Even though Cincinnati beat the Rams on Monday night, Tee Higgins was not the contributing factor to that win. It’s almost safe to say, he’s part of the reason the Bengals didn’t put up more points this game. Out of the eight targets, Higgins only caught two of the passes for 21 yards. Last season, Higgins was making crazy catches and being right where he needed to be to make the play. Now he is struggling to make catches that directly land in his hands. He has been like this the whole season so far. Hopefully, Higgins can manage to get it together and be a top receiver like he was last season.

Next matchup: Cincinnati Bengals @ Tennessee Titans

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