Kansas quarterback Jason Bean looks to pass during the second half of an NCAA college football game against Oklahoma Saturday, Oct. 28, 2023, in Lawrence, Kan. Kansas won 38-33. (AP Photo/Charlie Riedel)

Oklahoma Botches Undefeated Season Against Kansas

It took just one minute for the Kansas offense to drive 80 yards to win the game and end the hopes of an undefeated season for Oklahoma. 

The Kansas Jayhawks defeated the Oklahoma Sooners 38-33 in a shootout in Lawerence. This loss leaves Oklahoma’s final destination uncertain, while Kansas has new hope and the College Football Playoff is wide open. 

Wild Ending 

As Jayhawks fans rushed the fields, tore down the goalposts and unsurprisingly threw the goalposts in Potter Lake, the Kansas football team improved to 6-2 with four games left in the season.

Kansas had 443 yards on offense in Saturday’s game against Oklahoma with 225 yards on the ground. Despite Jayhawk quarterback Jason Bean throwing two interceptions, Bean drove Kansas to the endzone with a combination of his arm and legs for the game-winning touchdown. 

On Kansas’ winning drive, the Sooners stopped them at midfield on third down. But Bean stood in the pocket on fourth and sixth and threw to an open Lawerence Arnold for 39 yards. At the Oklahoma nine-yard line, running back Devin Neal ran it in with 55 seconds left. Although going 52 yards in 39 seconds, Dillion Gabriel could not get his offense in the endzone as time expired. 

What Does This Mean for Kansas 

Kansas leaves this game with the most momentum this season and will be ranked by Sunday. Their remaining schedule is traveling to Iowa State, hosting Texas Tech and Kansas State while facing off in Cincinnati for the last game of the regular season. 

Kansas can realistically finish the season 10-2 and be knocking on the door in the Big 12. If Oklahoma loses another game this season and Kansas goes undefeated, the Jayhawks will have a chance to get their rematch against Texas. 

But this is all hypotheticals, all Kansas can do is play it week-by-week and take on the team in front of them. But with this win Saturday, the Jayhawks have opened doors on what their future can bring in 2023. 

What Does This Mean for Oklahoma 

UCF almost froze the Sooners in last week’s 31-29 victory in Norman. But Oklahoma could not squeeze a victory Saturday.

On the fourth and sixth call, Sooners head coach Brent Venables believed he should’ve called a timeout. 

Saturday’s loss could jeopardize the Sooners’ chances of going to the Big-12 championship and the College Football Playoffs. Fortunate for Sooner fans, OU still holds the tie-breaker over Texas and controls their destiny in the Big 12. 

Oklahoma still faces off against Oklahoma State next week and travels to BYU on Nov 18. Oklahoma, Texas, Iowa State, Kansas State and Oklahoma State are all tied for first in the Big 12. With only the top two teams traveling to Dallas to play in the conference championship, the Sooners opened the gates for a chaotic second half in the conference. 

 What Does This Mean for the College Football Playoffs

If both Washington and Florida State win in their respective games, the likelihood of a Big 12 team going to the playoffs is slim to none.

In this scenario, the CFP committee would take the winner of the SEC, the winner of the Big 10, Florida State and Washington. For either Texas or Oklahoma to make it in the four-team playoffs, they need to win the Big 12 Championship and need FSU or Washington to slip up.

In another scenario, let’s say Oklahoma and Texas win out and meet in the championship. Oregon wins out and beats Washington in the PAC 12 championship and Florida State goes undefeated. The CFP committee would still choose a one-loss Oregon team over Texas and Oklahoma because their resume is more advanced.

The team to look for is Florida State, if Florida State loses one game, it opens the door for Texas, Oklahoma, the PAC-12 championship loser and the loser of the Ohio State and Michigan game to enter their name in the CFP.

In summary, Oklahoma’s loss on Saturday ended the chances of an undefeated team in the Big 12 and created interesting scenarios about where this season can go.

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