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FEATURE: UF Men’s Club Soccer Claims First National Championship

In 2017, the University of Florida Men’s Club Soccer team watched the national championship title slip out of their hands. Placing third place in a championship run is never an easy pill to swallow. When the tournament is hosted nearly 2,000 miles away in Arizona, it’s a long trip home …

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FEATURE: Underwater Hockey, Yes, It’s a Thing

The Stanley Cup playoffs are currently giving international attention to ice hockey. Field hockey is an Olympic sport and even has a variation for when played indoors. But there’s another member of the hockey family that’s catching the attention of some students around the University of Florida: underwater hockey. Yes. …

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FEATURE: Excellence of Intramural Sports at the University of Florida

Intramural sports at the University of Florida What makes the University of Florida Intramural Sports’ program influence 12,900 participants to compete in more than 20 leagues throughout the year? Is it their competitive drive or their willingness to give up an hour a week to hang out with their friends? For some, …

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UF Flag Football Championship in The Swamp Video Highlights – Risky Business / Kappa Phi

“Risky Business”/ Kappa Phi – Instant Classic Ben Hill Griffin Stadium has hosted a number of memorable classics, and Monday night The Swamp added another thriller to its resumé.  Every year, the University of Florida Intramural Flag Football Championships are played in the 91,000+ seat facility.  With eleven various leagues including a …

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FEATURE: Flag Football – “Risky Business” Headed to Championship in The Swamp

GAINESVILLE – “Risky Business” defeated “Rife or Death” 26-6 Thursday night in the Mens Competitive Division Flag Football Semi-Finals. Risky Business came into the game as heavy favorites with an undefeated (7-0) record.  “Rife or Death” however took a 6-0 lead midway through the 2nd Quarter on a 3 yard …

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