Softball Coach Tim Walton Involved In Confrontation With Auburn Player After Loss; Releases Statement

UPDATE: Softball head coach Tim Walton released this statement regarding the incident:


The drama continued to unfold after the No. 2 Florida Gator softball team fell to No. 4 Auburn 1-0 Monday night at Katie Seashole Pressly Stadium. The Gators had their 21-game win streak snapped in the final game of a three-game series with the Tigers and there wasn’t much sportsmanship after the contest.

An unusual incident unraveled during the postgame handshake line. Video shows Florida head coach Tim Walton raising his hand to hive-five the Auburn players. When Walton got to Tiger senior Haley Fagan, she had her hands down.

The clip shows Walton slightly bumping Fagan’s shoulder with his forearm, which appears to push her back. Fagan responded by turning around and pushing Walton with one hand in the back before the two engaged in a heated exchange of words.

Fagan’s teammates eventually restrained her as she continued screaming at Walton.

Bad Blood

There is a long history between Walton and the Fagan family. Fagan’s two older sisters, Kasey and Sami, are former Gators. Kasey and Sami, along with another Gator softball player, were released from the program after controversial suspensions, just hours before the 2012 NCAA Tournament.

To this point, there has been no comment from the administration at Auburn or Florida concerning the altercation.

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  1. Charles Dana Hall

    The coach is a blatant, outright liar in this situation. He intentionally pushed the young woman in the shoulder. It was not an innocent mistake as he is attempting to sell by saying that “I should have paid closer attention and did not intend to upset her.”

    I call BS! He was simply pissed off that she disrespected him by refusing to give a high five and reacted by intentionally pushing her in the shoulder. A push + a lie = fireable offense! Perhaps Mr. Fagan, former NFL player, should have a closed door “conversation” with the coach!

  2. Charles, the Fagan sisters who played for Florida got kicked off the team because their use of racist insults against a black teammate. Tim Walton is not only an outstanding softball coach but has run his program with the outmost integrity and respect. All his former and present players love him.

    As far as Haley Fagan is concerned, she showed her lack of sportsmanship by refusing to acknowledge the Gator Coaches and making a big deal out of nothing.

    By the way, who cares that her father played football… Garo Yepremian was a football player and he doesn’t intimidate anyone. And coach is not a little man either.

  3. Charles Dana Hall

    To stick to the current issues — So, did he push the girl? In your honest opinion, is he lying about just ‘needing today closer attention’?

  4. Charles Dana Hall

    Her Father Was One of the Strongest Men to Ever Play in the NFL Having Once Benched 560 Pounds. google it

  5. Timothy J Sowards

    The Black teammate and the two sisters refuted the allegations that were spread around Facebook in 2012. There were several rumors as to why they were dismissed hours before a playoff game. He never explained why he dismissed the two sisters and a third. It’s a mystery and Walton refused to this day to explain why he dismissed them.

  6. THe young lady should show more sportsmanship. If she feels that she cannot maybe she should stay home and not play. She is an embarrassment on a good day for Auburn softball.

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