Danielle Rainey, Gator Women’s Basketball Looking to Build Chemistry

For Florida Gator Women’s Basketball guard Danielle Rainey, chemistry is one of the biggest changes from last year.

This season is fueled by a better connection and energy from everyone, especially the freshmen. Florida’s 2019-20 season is expecting big things with this new up and coming team. With ten incoming freshmen last season, to only four this year plus a transfer, this team is young but experienced. With the support from veterans, the younger players have learned how to transition from their high school talent to the SEC level of competition.

Has this turned into a big sister, little sister thing?

Who’s the Next Icon?

Former Gator guard Funda Nakkasoglu led the Gators scoring in two of her seasons with Florida. She was an icon amongst the team and many look up to her, trying to break her records. Who’s going to be the next Funda of the team?

With so much potential this season, anyone can score like she did with the trust and bond they have built on and off the court.

We’re All Connected

Rainey expects the team to take the same energy from last year to this year.

Not only do they have strong chemistry during games, they are closer than they have ever off the court. Their expected to go above and beyond and expect nothing less out of each other. The relationship this team has built goes into show during the games.

The Big Dog

The team has been looking at Rainey as the next team captain. She’s not afraid of anyone calling her out to pick up it up if she’s slacking but she expects the same in return. Being a redshirt sophomore, gives her the experience the younger players can learn from and pick up the team’s swagger.

This season is about chemistry and attitude and that’s exactly what this season’s team is bringing to the court.

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