Oregon State fired F. King Alexander Tuesday for his role in the Les Miles scandal at LSU

F. King Alexander resigns from Oregon State

Former LSU president F. King Alexander resigned from his current position as president of Oregon State University due to an outcry for his role in the sexual misconduct scandal at LSU. 

F. King Alexander resigns from Oregon State


The scandal in question dates back almost 10 years and revolves around former LSU football coach Les Miles. An independent investigation last month revealed some shocking details about failures by LSU to report athletic-related sexual abuse. In 2013, then-LSU athletic director Joe Alleva recommended Miles to be fired. Accusers claimed Miles displayed inappropriate behavior with female student workers.

The investigation discovered Alexander knew of these allegations when LSU hired him as president in 2013. A Gainesville native, Alexander attended Buchholz High School. His mother, Ruth Alexander, established the “Lady Gator Athletic” program at the University of Florida, which allowed for women to compete in intercollegiate sports for the first time.

According to the report, Alleva emailed Alexander and LSU’s legal counsel about the allegations, saying “one more time I want us to think about which scenario is worse for LSU. Explaining why we let him go or explaining why we let him stay.” Alexander chose to let Miles stay on with the Tigers, where he continued to coach until 2016. He left Baton Rouge in 2019.


Last week, the board at Oregon State voted in a 12-2 decision to put Alexander on probation, effective immediately. 

Originally, the board hoped Alexander could rebuild trust on campus, but it quickly became clear that was not possible. So, he submitted his letter of resignation to the board, which accepted it. The motion goes into effect on April 1. 

Board chairman Rani Borkar released a statement in which he explained the board’s decision to accept his resignation.

“When the Board of Trustees adjourned last week, we believed it was possible for President Alexander to repair the broken confidence and trust in his ability to lead OSU,” he said. “After listening to and hearing important input from diverse members of our community and reflecting on our own values and experiences, we now know that rebuilding trust is no longer possible.”

Kansas fired Miles from his position at head coach at Kansas as a result of the investigation as well.

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