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Heat’s Udonis Haslem Ejected in his 2021 Season Debut

Miami Heat legend Udonis Haslem was ejected during last night’s game against the Philadelphia 76ers.  The 40-year-old veteran was escorted off the court after a slight altercation with 76ers’ center Dwight Howard. Haslem’s 2021 season debut lasted a total of three minutes in the second quarter. The Heat went on to still win the game, 106-94.

It’s a Physical Game

All eyes were on Haslem, as he came onto the court for his 18th-straight season as the oldest player on an active NBA roster. During play early in the second, he was able to help his team until he was thrown to the ground by Howard. After collecting himself, Haslem got in Howard’s face, pointing his finger at Howard before shoving him.


“Dwight plays the way Dwight plays,” Haslem said. “When he disagreed, I disagreed, and it was a whole bunch of disagreeing.”

After it was all said and done, Haslem said he doesn’t remember what happened. He added he is who he is, and he can’t change now. Even his stepmom agreed with how Haslem handled the situation.

Support from Miami

Haslem said the city of Miami has remained loyal to him. Regardless of what people say about his career, he can count on the continued support of that city. When he first came onto the court late in the first quarter, the 40-year-old veteran got a standing ovation from the crowd.

This could have been Haslem’s last regular-season appearance in a Heat uniform. He definitely went out with a bang and is now the oldest player to get ejected from a game in the last 20 seasons.

Even with the ejection cutting his court time short, Haslem is just happy he got to play the game of basketball. He said he saw the crowd and his teammates cheering him on, and he showed everyone that he can still play at a high level to help his team win.

“If this is the last one, I finished it the only way Udonis Haslem could: with an ejection,” he said.

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