Urban Meyer and the Jacksonville Jaguars have been active so far in free agency, adding 15 players. Via: AP Images

Meyer Talks Upcoming Season

Urban Meyer talks about the Jacksonville Jaguars and his high expectations of this upcoming season.

Urban Meyer on Trevor Lawrence

Urban Meyer on the Jags defense

Jaguars Head Coach, Urban Meyer, has prepared his team to the greatest that they can be in order to perform at their best during their upcoming season.

“I saw a team that did not look very good and my vision of a team is a big, strong, powerful, fast team, and it wasn’t that way. We had a lot of injuries last year and that’s why we made a lot of changes in that sports performance area,” Meyer said.

Meyer is excited to see where his team will land and is confident in his trust in Lawrence and his team.

“You followed our teams over the last 10-15 years and I would expect to be as big, fast, and strong as anybody in the country and that’s in college. In the NFL, I expect the same,” Meyer said.

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DJ Chark Jr. on Trevor Lawrence and Team Performance

Jags WR, DJ Chark Jr., sees Trevor Lawrence as a threat in this upcoming season and feels his team adjusting to their new quarterback.

Chark Jr. knows the team that is brewing in the Jags field and speaks highly on quarterback rookie, Trevor Lawrence.

“We still have a ways to get to where we want to be, but it is not a bad start at all,” Chark Jr. said.

Roy Robertson-Harris

Jags DL, Roy Robertson-Harris is comfortable in his skill and performance and is dominating practice this past few weeks.

Jaguars defensive coordinator, Joe Cullen, is preparing his defense for this upcoming season and these past three weeks have been great for the defensive players.

“Joe is good man, he loves the game of football! I think we get a lot of energy from him and he is a good coach. Scheme is good, I think were going to be very good this year,” Robertson-Harris said.

Robertson-Harris feels very confident and comfortable with Trevor Lawrence as his quarterback and believes Lawrence has a lot to show and prove in his upcoming career.

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