Oak Hall defeats Harvest Community in District Duel

Oak Hall High School (4-1) takes on Harvest Community High School (1-4) at home for an important district matchup this season. Oak hall carried much power and drive as they celebrated their senior night.

1st Half, Oak Hall Dominance

1st Quarter

Oak Hall begins the game by kicking it off to Harvest Community. The home team’s defense begins to hold Harvest Community to a quick turnover on downs, and the Eagles’ drive begins.

James Parker (14) emerges as a powerhouse for Oak Hall as he runs to snatch a first down for his team. He continues to complete down after down, moving closer and closer to the end zone.

With 5:03 left on the board, the Eagles come out in play-action and complete a 25-yard touchdown by Dakota Bower (1). Oak Hall decides to go for a two-point conversion. Their success results in an 8-0 lead.

Quickly after, Oak Hall continues the dominance as they apply pressure to Harvest Community, eventually emerging to a 10-0 lead. The Eagles’ defensive line is on fire as they sack the quarterback, force a fumble and gain possession of the ball.

2nd Quarter

Coming off hot from the 1st quarter, Oak Hall quickly loses their thunder. On the first play of the 2nd quarter, the Eagles throw an interception, giving the Warriors the ball on their own 10-yard line.

Oak Hall manages to come back with James Parker (14) running for 20 yards, getting the Eagles to the 3-yard line. The crowd began to cheer, excited for what is to come next.

Christopher Davis (55) and the offensive line create a hole as James Parker (14) runs the ball up the middle to score a touchdown. The Eagles successfully make yet another 2-point conversion with the scoreboard changing to project to the fans, 18-0 with 7:20 left in the quarter.

A determined Harvest Community scrambles to get on the board before the second half begins. The Warriors snap the ball and immediately the quarterback throws the football to a wide-open Kahlan Daniels (1) for a stunning 80-yard touchdown.

The first half of the game ends in an 18-6 Oak Hall lead.

2nd Half, Can They Keep It Up?

3rd Quarter

Going into the 3rd quarter, the question on everyone’s mind was, “can Oak Hall continue asserting their dominance?” The home team’s offense at the beginning of the 2nd half was not the same that could be seen when the game had first started.

Oak Hall was forced to punt as they struggled on offense. A continuation of this kept up throughout the 3rd quarter. Harvest Community’s defense stepped it up and held off Oak Hall, forcing a turnover on Oak Hall’s 20.

4th Quarter

After a slow 3rd quarter, Oak Hall’s Carter Coleman (3) plays intensely for an interception and possible touchdown. However, a flag was called against Oak Hall for a block in the back. The interception is still counted. The ball goes to the 25-yard line, 1st down Eagles.

The audience is watching immensely, hoping for a good play. The Eagles are unable to do so and turn over the ball.

With about 7:30 left in the final quarter, Harvest Community has their A-game on, making play after play. On their first drive of the play, the Warriors throw for a deep catch at the 50-yard line. Seconds after, they complete another 23-yard pass to land the ball on the 27-yard line. On the third play of the drive, Harvest Community throughs a 27-yard pass to get their second touchdown of the game.  18-12, Oak Hall.

As Oak Hall can feel Harvest Community creeping up on them, they start to get back to their first-half selves. Mirroring the beginning of their opponent’s last drive, the Eagles run to get the play on Harvest Community’s 42-yard line. But, fail to gain any more yardage.

Oak Hall eventually runs out the clock and wins the game, 18-12.

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