Notre Dame Names Marcus Freeman As Head Coach

After just one season as Notre Dame’s defensive coordinator, Marcus Freeman is moving up the ranks. The university announced on Monday that he had been named the 30th head coach of the Fighting Irish. This decision comes a week after former head coach Brian Kelly, the winningest coach in program history, announced he was leaving to take over at LSU.

The Right Choice

If there is one thing Freeman has shown through this process, it’s that he truly loves this program. At Monday’s press conference, the coach’s appreciation for his team was loud and clear.


Difficult Decisions

Despite the outpour of praise, Freeman gave the program during Monday’s press conference, he hasn’t always been a Notre Dame man. During the college recruitment process, he chose to play linebacker at Ohio State over the Irish. Then, he had to once again make the decision this past year whether or not to take the job at Notre Dame. He had said no to the school once before, but this time was different. He took the chance on the Irish, and now they are taking the chance on him.

As far as his feelings go about his decision to move to South Bend, Freeman says, “I just thank God that I didn’t make the wrong decision twice”.

Success With the Defense

Based on this team’s defensive stats alone this season, Freeman has proven his qualifications for the position. The Irish are 11-1 and an impressive defense has given major contributions to this record. Nationally they rank 11th in turnovers gained and scoring defense, 7th in total sacks, and 6th in interceptions and defensive touchdowns. Not to mention the defense is only one sack away from the team’s record formerly set in 1996.

Even before the season began, Freeman was making major strides with recruiting. Heading into the start of the season, Notre Dame’s verbal recruiting class ranked 5th nationally, a ranking Freeman played a crucial role in.

Now, as head coach, he only plans on taking things a step further with recruiting.

Finishing the Season

Notre Dame is heading to the Fiesta Bowl on new years day to take on Oklahoma State. This will be Freeman’s official debut as the Notre Dame Football Head Coach.

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