The Lady Bobcats gather around at the start of the game. Photograph by Ellie Shreve.

Buchholz Girls Lacrosse Falls to Oak Hall

The Buchholz Girls and Boys Lacrosse teams both took on rival Oak Hall on Thursday night in back-to-back Non-District Matches at Citizens Field. The Lady Bobcats trailed the Eagles with a final score of 15-10. 

Ladies First

To start off the night the Lady Bobcats took the field. The girls entered the match with confidence after dominating the Santa Fe Raiders 20-4 on Monday. The Lady Eagles also entered the match with a recent win over the Raiders 17-1 on Tuesday. 

The Oak Hall Eagles soared into the first half with an explosive offense that put up five points before the Bobcats could make their way to the net. Buchholz got on the board when junior Christine Cama weaved through the Eagles defenders and executed a clean shot into the goal. 

Buchholz fans erupted as Cama sparked the fight in her teammates. The Lady Bobcats were now down 5-1.

Cama battles the Eagles for the possession of the ball after the face-off. Photograph by Ellie Shreve.

Soon after, sophomore Attacker, Havanna Vinson charged the ball into the net, scoring for the Bobcats who trailed 6-3.

The Lady Bobcats continued to put forth an aggressive effort on both ends of the field as the Eagles held on to the lead. Buchholz gained two more goals with Cama scoring to close the first half. 

The Bobcats were down 11-5 at the half. 

Buchholz Girls Lacrosse Head Coach Marissa Higgins advised her team at the half, “You have to put all of your soul into this game. Play for each other, play because you want to win”.

Cats Claw Back

Cama closed the first with a goal for Buchholz and started the second with yet another. She continued to lead her teammates from her efforts at each face-off to her position at midfield. 

Pictured: Buchholz junior Christine Cama (4) after the face-off. Photograph by Ellie Shreve.

Senior Attacker Marissa Chiarelli followed with another goal for the Bobcats, tightening the game 11-7.

The girls continued to play throughout the second half with newfound energy and an impressive team effort. 

In the last seven minutes of the game, the efforts of the Lady Bobcats truly shined. Cama was electric on the field as she made yet another impressive play for Buchholz, bringing the score to 13-8. The Bobcats gained two more goals as the second half neared its end. 

As the game buzzer sounded, the Lady Eagles stormed the field in triumph. With a final score of  15-10, the Bobcats put forth an aggressive effort but ultimately fell short. 

Buchholz Looks Ahead

The Buchholz Girls Lacrosse team is set to face the Eastside Rams on Monday with the starting face-off set for 5:30 p.m. The Bobcats are now 4-4 on the season. 

Cama, the Buchholz Girls Lacrosse Captain and leading scorer of the match comments on the accomplishments and effort the team brought to the field. 

Coach Higgins reflects on the effort of the team against Oak Hall and their focus moving forward. 

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