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Hannah Adams swings at a pitch in the Softball team's 4-2 loss against FSU. Photo courtesy of Hannah White.

Gators Fall Short To In-State Rival FSU

The No. 7 Gator softball team’s two-game winning streak ended last night as they lost to the No. 2 Seminoles at home. This win resulted in the Seminoles now having a 10-game winning streak. The game went into three extra innings as the Gators and Seminoles were necks in neck throughout this intense match-up.

The Gators started strong as they scored first in the third inning. Hannah Adams hit a single, which resulted in Kendra Falby getting a run.

The Seminoles came back fast, and they tied the score in the fourth inning due to Devin Flaherty hitting a single that allowed D’Aun Riggs the opportunity to reach home plate.

Gators immediately took action in the bottom of the fifth inning as Charla Echols hit a single. Skylar Wallace had stolen second base and was eager to reach home plate. Echols’ single allowed Wallace to earn a run.

The Noles quickly responded to the Gators’ lead by executing a great play in the top of the sixth inning. Kalei Harding hit a single towards the shortstop. The Gators failed to stop this offensive play. Flaherty reached second base, and Mack Leonard scored a run.

Gators Fall in Extras

By the seventh innings, both teams were tied 2-2. This was the Gators’ first time going into extra innings this season. The game went till ten innings.

The Seminoles broke the tied game as they came in strong at the top of the 10th inning. Sydney Sherrill single-handedly broke the tie by entering the top of the inning by hitting a home run. Towards the end of the top of the 10th inning, the Noles continued to execute plays as Harding hit deep enough into center field where the Gators struggled to get the ball to any bases. Flaherty ran to third, and Krystina Hartley earned a run. The final score of the game was 4-2.

The Seminoles executed great offensive play in the 10th inning that led to the Gators struggling to create a stoppage.

What’s Next?

The Gators will be playing in a three-game series at home starting this Saturday against the No. 4 Alabama team.

The Seminoles will return home to take on Virginia Tech this Friday.

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