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The Gators volleyball team cheers after hearing they have been selected to host the first weekend of the 2022 NCAA Tournament on Sunday night. Photo from @GatorsVB via Twitter.

Gator Volleyball Takes on Pittsburgh in NCAA Tournament

As their season comes to a close, Gator volleyball players are heading to Wisconsin to compete against Pittsburgh in the NCAA tournament.


NCAA Regionals

The Gators have taken this season with pride. Throughout each game, fans have seen just how committed they are to their team and school. The NCAA Regionals started off with 64 teams and are now left with 16.


Throughout their first two matches, the Gators were able to rack up a grand total of 17 aces.

This match will be the first time the Gators and Pitt have met since 1998, but both teams are as ready as ever.

If the Gators are able to win their next match against second seed Pittsburgh, they will move on in the tournament.

Gators v. Pittsburgh

The Mary Wise Show, a volleyball show hosted on Monday nights by the Gator’s head coach, previewed the game. Wise and her co-host Tom Collet shined a spotlight on Elli McKissock.

“Just the best back row player by far on the court match high seventeen digs as she patrolled the back row. Played back-to-back, such great defense. You know we talk about when she’s in the zone, it’s like that game is in slow motion for her.”

McKissock is an important aspect on the team because of this. Moreover, the defense she provides as a player is something most teams are unable to find.

McKissock is not the only player who was highlighted during the show. Alexis Stucky was the offensive player of the week.

“But I think offensive player of the week has to go to the quarterback, Alexis Stucky. With her love and assist per set, the fact that this team averaged 328 in the two matches is just elite. Every day, she did want to practice today, Alexis is going to make a set that just is crazy good. I’ve stopped saying it out loud but, in my head, I’m still saying ‘oh my goodness and she’s still a freshman’.”

With Stucky this good this early in her college career, Wise said she continues to improve with every game.

With McKissock and Stucky working together, the Gators pose a real threat to their competition in the upcoming weeks.

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