Gators lacrosse goalkeeper Sarah Reznick (photo from McKendrick)

Gator’s Goalkeeper Sarah Reznick Talks UF Lacrosse

The Florida Gators lacrosse season is on the horizon, and it’s projected to be a big one. The Gators were recently ranked seventh in the first AAC Preseason Poll and voted to win the American Athletic Conference championship by coaches. A big reason why there’s so much buzz around this Florida team is their goalkeeper, Sarah Reznick. The redshirt junior is a critical leader for the team and recently spoke with Steve Russell about her career and Gators lacrosse as a whole.

Early Years

Coming from Jersey and moving to Long Beach, New York, Reznick didn’t even know what lacrosse was at first; she planned on playing softball. She learned quickly, though, that’s what you play in Long Beach. She started playing in the third grade and didn’t look back. She’s been a goalie since day one and, even with her dad being scared at first, she found quick success.

Her Importance

Being a goalie is an important job. Outside of the obvious keeping the ball out of the net, she has a job that means more than anything. She is a leader on the field.

“I’d say I’m a really big leader of the defense out there.”

She sees the entire field, makes sure everyone is in proper position, watches the shot clock and clears the ball up the field. Even when the ball is on the opposite side of the field, she’s making sure the team works together. Her job isn’t over when she makes a save.

This Gators Team

Florida had a good season last year; they were young and surprised quite a few people. They’re ready to do even better this season.

“We’re coming into this really hungry, and we know we have a target on our back.”

People know who this team is now and they’re working hard to go the distance.

Coaching Matters

Reznick and the Gators wouldn’t be in the position they are if it weren’t for coach Amanda O’Leary. She puts the team in the best position possible and the players love her.

“She’s definitely someone we all look up to.”

She was an All-American at Temple during her college years and having taken that with her into coaching, she’s one of the best.

The rest of the Gators lacrosse team and Reznick are ready to go and prove everything said about them right. The season begins February 12th at home against the Michigan Wolverines at noon.

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