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Ian Scott Returns as Head Football Coach at Alma Mater Gainesville High

It is often said that good things take time, and in the case of the Gainesville Head Football Coaching position, that certainly proved to be true. After a thorough search process that lasted several months, the long-awaited announcement finally came: the position had been filled, and it was well worth the wait.

The excitement and anticipation surrounding this coaching position had been building for some time. With the departure of Dock Pollard from the head coaching position in October of 2022, following a disappointing 0-10 season, the Gainesville Hurricanes were eager to find a new leader who could help guide the team to success.

Bringing Ian Scott Home

Ian Scott is returning to his alma mater as head football coach. Scott has been met with widespread enthusiasm and support from the entire Gainesville community. Scott’s deep roots and connection to the school and the team make him an ideal candidate for the job.

But Scott’s qualifications go far beyond his personal history with the school. With years of coaching experience under his belt, Scott brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. Including stints at several top high school programs and a successful time as an assistant coach at a major university. With the appointment of Ian Scott to this important position, the team is hopeful and more determined than ever before.

Ian Scott is a true Gainesville High School legend. During his time at the school from 1997-2000, he made his mark as a dual-sport athlete and a key contributor to some of the most successful athletic teams in the school’s history.

In 1999, Scott played a pivotal role in helping the Hurricanes basketball team win their third of five state championships. But it was on the football field where Scott truly made his mark.

Experience On the Field

While he excelled in basketball, it was his performance on the football field that first caught the eye of legendary football coach Steve Spurrier. Despite not picking up football until freshman year, he quickly proved himself to be a force to be reckoned with on the defensive line. Over the course of four years, he drew the attention of Spurrier and other top college coaches. Scott ultimately chose to pursue football at the next level after high school at The University of Florida.

Though Spurrier left Gainesville before Scott arrived, Spurrier’s interest in Scott’s football skills helped to cement his reputation as a standout athlete in the area. When Scott ultimately chose to play for the Gators, it was for Ron Zook. Scott continued to prove his worth as a talented and tenacious player. In many ways, Scott’s journey from Gainesville High School to the NFL serves as a testament to the power of hard work, determination, and a deep love for the game of football.

Coaching Experience

Ian Scott’s standout performances during his 23-starts sophomore and junior seasons at the UF earned him second-team All-SEC honors. Following his junior season, Scott declared for the draft. During the 2003 NFL draft he was chosen by the Chicago Bears in the fourth round. Scott had a six-year pro career, playing for the Philadelphia Eagles, Carolina Panthers, and San Diego Chargers before returning to football as a coach. Jim McElwain invited Scott back to Gainesville in 2017 as a graduate assistant, where he spent three seasons with UCF. In 2021, he reunited with McElwain at Central Michigan as the Chippewas’ D-line coach. In December 2022, interim coach Steve Wilks and the Carolina Panthers offered Scott the position of D-line coach. This past Wednesday, Scott took a job to coach the Hurricanes, bringing him back to where it all began.

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