Eric Bieniemy talks after being introduced as the new offensive coordinator and assistant head coach of the Washington Commanders during an NFL football press conference in Ashburn, Va., Thursday, Feb. 23, 2023. (AP Photo/Luis M. Alvarez)

New Beginnings For Eric Bieniemy

After a tenured 10 seasons with the Kansas City Chiefs, Eric Bieniemy was hired by the Washington Commanders.

New Future

Bieniemy served as the Chief’s running backs coach for five years. He has then served as their offensive coordinator for the last five seasons.

In his time in Kansas City, Bieniemy coached 14 total playoff games and won two Super Bowls. Bieniemy has arguably led the most successful offense in the NFL for the past five years.

Bieniemy retains the same position as the offensive coordinator for the Commanders. He is stepping into a program that has seen 12 different starting quarterbacks and one playoff appearance since 2018.

The transition has stirred endless questions on why Bieniemy would leave such a successful program. Especially for one that has not seen a playoff win since 2005.


Bieniemy has been in head coach discussions for multiple years now. He has even interviewed with about half of the NFL for the position. Yet, with a controversial past that includes a lengthy rap sheet, he has not been able to close on any deals.

With this new step in his career, Bieniemy has reiterated his priority on focusing on his current position.

“Today I got to be the best person I can be,” Bieniemy said, “I got to be the best coach that I can be.”

Bieniemy seems to be showing clear excitement and care for his new Washington locker room family.


The San Diego Chargers selected Eric Bieniemy with the 39th overall pick in the 1991 NFL Draft. As an NFL running back, Bieniemy collected 1,589 total rushing yards and 1,223 receiving yards.

After retiring in 1999, Bieniemy was hired by his alma mater, the University of Colorado Boulder. There he served a running backs coach from 2001-2002 before moving to UCLA.

His coaching career progressed to the point where he stands as one of the best head coach candidates in the NFL.

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