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Buchholz vs. Flowery Branch Extended Coverage: Anthony Wilkie Interview

High school games are some of the best displays of community cities have to offer. Passionate parents watched their children intently. The players proceeded to perform the repetitions they had practiced prior to the big game-time moment. This dynamic creates a special energy in the air that I miss now that I find myself in college. The high school game environment feels so much more personal and routine. The route I was taking to the baseball field that brought me through the lacrosse and softball games only further enhanced this feeling in my mind.

Buchholz High maintained this certain unmistakable aura in the air. As I walked over to the baseball field in the very back of the campus, each parent that I asked for directions was very happy to point me in the right direction. Maybe they hoped that I would catch a play from their child and write about their work on the field. 

However, much to their possible dismay, I only had one person that was on my radar. Anthony Wilkie, a Clemson commit, had been referred to us by the coaching staff. It was obvious who we were looking for once play began.

The chatter of each team’s dugout filled the empty space between pitches as the game picked up steam. The enthusiasm and support of each team towards their respective pitcher and batter was made very clear through the unspoken contest of who could come up with the most creative jeers towards the opposing team. This only added to the competitive nature of the game. However, these comments became increasingly one-sided as the Bobcats pulled away in the later innings.

The Buchholz Bobcats had just came off a 4-2 win when I approached Wilkie in the dugout as he grabbed his bag to go home. Tall and confident, I chatted with Anthony about his experiences with baseball and navigating the college sports scene. I hope you enjoy listening to him as much as I did.

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Tyler Kenyon is a Tampa, FL native who is a third-year journalism and business student at the University of Florida.

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