Buchholz High Softball

Buchholz High Softball Falls short to Hawthorne Hornets

The Buchholz High School softball team faced Hawthorne High on Tuesday night. The Bobcats went out in hopes to bring home a win after consistent shortcomings this season. Although the team gave it their all with a strong comeback, it came down to the seventh inning when Buchholz fell short.

Hawthorne’s Strong Start

Heading into Tuesday’s game, Buchholz had to adjust their lineup without their starting pitcher Lindsey Orton. Freshman Lillyenne Mayhew stepped up to the mound with confidence in leading her team offensively.

As for Hawthorne, they headed into Tuesday’s game with their heads held high after a tough loss the night before. Their eagerness began to show immediately as they began to showcase their offense in the first inning. Playing it safe in the box led to walk after walk for the Hornets. Buchholz coach Will Hooper made the decision to change pitchers after bases were loaded with two outs. Sophomore Madison Staehnke came in to close out the inning. The score stood 9-0.

Buchholz Bounces Back

After a tough start defensively, Buchholz had to rise above to put runs on the scoreboard. In the bottom of the second, the Bobcats began to play it safe in the box. Junior Morgan Campbell started out strong with a line drive hit to shortstop. As runners began to fill the bases, a deep hit out to leftfield was dropped bringing two runners home for the Bobcats. Following that play, Lillyenne hit a double in deep right field that brought one runner in. The Bobcats were able to bring the score to 11-5.

Buchholz offensive drive continued throughout the game as they managed to close the score gap. Bottom of the fourth, the Hornets defense made multiple fielding errors. Having to change pitchers, batters were able to put a bat on the ball. Roles reversed as the Bobcats took action of the situation. They scored four more runs off passed balls behind home plate and stole bases as batters hit line drives. The score now stood 11-10.

Buchholz Comes up Short

Both teams had no luck offensively going into the top of the fifth. The score still stood 11-10. In the top of the sixth, the Bobcats held the Hornets to one run.

Only down by two runs, the Bobcats had the opportunity to hold the Hornets in the seventh inning. Although, with too many critical fielding mistakes, they could not close the score gap. The Hornets used these mistakes to their full advantage to get on base and bring home their runners. In just that inning alone they scored six runs, closing out the game for the night.

Buchholz Bobcats current record stands 1-10. They take on Lake Weir on Friday at 6 p.m.

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