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Santa Fe and Seminole State College Split Softball Doubleheader

The Santa Fe Saints and the Seminole State College Raiders took on a conference doubleheader on Saturday. The Raiders won game one 3-1, and the Saints got their revenge in game two as they beat the Raiders 6-3.

At the end of the day, the Raiders moved to 36-9 overall and 6-3 in conference play.

Meanwhile, the Saints are now 26-17 overall and 3-6 in the conference.

Game 1

Raiders pitcher Tori Beland throwing a pitch.

Strong Start By The Raiders

To start the game, the Saints made multiple defensive mistakes throughout the top of the first inning.

Back-to-back errors by the Saints allowed Raiders Alisha Wagoner to reach first base and then steal second on the next play. However, the Saints were able to close out the first half unscathed.

The Raiders made a quick push offensively as Avery Brewer hit a home run with the first pitch of the second inning. After the Raiders took their one-run lead, the game started to speed up as neither team could get much going offensively.

Bases Loaded

The Raiders’ offense took charge at the top of the fourth inning.

With baserunners on first and second base with two outs, Dazha Durand was at bat. Durand hit to right field for an RBI double as Paige Weinmann slid home for a run. The Saints made a pitching change as Sophie Abrams came in for Sydney Fowler. Abrams’ first pitch hit Lindsay Corazzini which loaded the bases. Mel Bullock then comes up to bat and after a full pitch count, Abrams walked Bullock to first. This allowed Tori Beland to walk home for another Raiders’ run. The Saints finally get their third out, but not before the raiders took a 3-0 lead.

The Saints looked to answer at the bottom of the fourth. Madi Hewett was at bat with baserunners on first and second with two outs. Hewett hit to the left-center field for an RBI double as Ariana Wright got the run. The Raiders would catch a flyball from Juliann Smith for the final out of the inning.

Rough Ending For The Saints

Heading into the bottom of the seventh inning, the Raiders looked to hang on to their two-run lead.

Once again with two outs and baserunners on first and second, Keeli Zingaro was at bat. The Saints made an untimely mistake as Zingaro was previously checked out of the game, after not being properly checked back in she was called out after the first pitch. This was the Saints’ third out of the inning ending the game and any chances of a comeback.

The Raiders ended with three runs, four hits, and zero errors. The Saints only recorded a single run, even though they managed to outhit the Raiders with eight hits. However, the Saints three errors proved to be too costly for them in the end.

Game 2

Short Term Memory

Both teams started with a clean slate as game two went underway.

After four batters and three outs, the Saints looked to take an early lead heading into the bottom of the first. It didn’t look good as the Saints started with back-to-back outs, but Raiders pitcher Angelina Badalament would go on to walk Wright.

After a passed ball by Raiders catcher Rylie Brashears, Wright got to second. Zingaro hit to left field for an RBI double as Wright took it home. The Raiders quickly gave the Saints their third out and went into the second inning down one.

After a quick second inning, the Raiders were hungry to even the game. Brewer was at bat with baserunners on first and second, and only one out. Brewer hit a ground ball toward third baseman Story Giebeig who tagged third base for a force-out. Giebeig then goes for the double play and slings it to Hewett at first base. The throw is just outside Hewett’s reach and as she goes to chase the ball, Durand rounds the bases and makes it home just in time giving Brewer an RBI triple. That tied the game at 1-1.

Saints pitcher Kensley Durrance on the pitcher’s mound.

Bring It Home

The Saints would take back the lead at the bottom of the fourth when Lily Garnett-Brown hit a ground ball for an RBI single.

Giebeig would get the run putting the Saints up by one. Answering back in the fifth, Weinmann was walked to first after being hit by a pitch. Weignmann would go on to steal both second and third base putting the Raiders in a good position to score with no outs. Brashears hit a flyball that bounced off the fence for an RBI single tying the game. Quick reactions from the Saints’ defense kept Brashears on first. Three straight outs end the Raiders’ time at bat for the inning.

The Saints looked to end the game during the bottom of the sixth when they scored four runs. After an RBI double from Jayelyn Carter and a two-RBI hit from Zingaro, the Saints were in a good spot up three. Abrianna Hickox hit an RBI double for safe measure to go up another run.

The Raiders weren’t going to go down without a fight. At the top of the seventh with two outs the Raiders hit back-to-back singles. Brianna Abel hit to center field for an RBI double. The game was far from over as the Raiders hit another single to load the bases. The Saints made a pitching change with Abrams coming in for Kensley Durrance. The Saints secured a win after a ground ball out.

Saints Head Coach Savanah Webster Postgame Interview

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