Buchholz Baseball Boasts 11-2 Beating Over Forsyth Central

The 10-4 Buchholz Bobcats hosted the 13-8 Forsyth Central Bulldogs on the evening of April 6. The away team traveled all the way from Cumming, Georgia for a Thursday night non-district showdown. Boasting some slick black-and-white alternate uniforms, the home team hoped to start another win streak after a loss against Columbia on Tuesday. 


As evident as it was that the Buchholz baseball team was assisted significantly by the abysmal Forsyth Central pitching attack, the sharpness of the Bobcat team in general was amplified by the amazing performance coming from JJ Gardner in the game.

Innings 1-3

Forsyth Central took control early. Once Buchholz found their rhythm, however, they rallied 3 runs. The Bobcats put themselves up 3-2 by the end of the second. The Bobcats caught fire in the third inning, firing off 6 runs against the struggling pitching attack from Forsyth Central. Shortly after, the momentum was extended by an amazing catch from Stuart Ding. A lockdown defensive stretch from pitcher JJ Gardner ended the third inning with zero hits and zero runs from Forsyth Central.

Innings 4-7

The beginning of the fourth inning was punctuated by continued poor pitching from the away team. Buchholz got a piece of every pitch that went over the plate. Buchholz was unable to take advantage of any one potential pitch that went into the umpire’s glove. JJ Gardner hit an impressive double play on the next time he hit the mound, catching a hit that went over home plate and flipping the ball to the second base. 9-2 at the end of the fourth. 

Forsyth Central decided to change their pitching strategy at the onset of the fifth. Andrew Gardiner was pitted against the gauntlet of batters that had given them so much trouble up to this point in the game. JJ Gardner was yet again able to help his team bring in two more runs. A big hit over third base brought the Bobcat lead to 9. 11-2 at the end of the fifth. Finally, the sixth inning introduced a third Bulldog pitcher in Bryson Kuhn. Kuhn led the away team to a solid defensive possession to hold the Bobcat lead where it stayed. The Bobcats responded in kind. The game finished with an 11-2 win for Buchholz.

The Bobcats stay at home once again to take a shot at redemption against Columbia.

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