Saint Francis Fall To Crosstown Rival Oak Hall

On Wednesday, April 5th, Saint Francis Wolves looked to avoid a loss against Oak Hall Eagles in a district face-off. The home-field advantage played in the Eagles’ favor as the Wolves were defeated. The valiant effort resulted in a final score of 9-5

Rough Start For The Wolves

A disappointing top of the first inning resulted in Eagles pitcher Jack Kuzmicki striking out three of the Wolves’ batters. The Eagles capitalized on the weaknesses of the Wolves with unique plays that point them all out. Wolves let Eagles’ Medley slip by, leaving them scrambling to get the ball back and tag him out. Eagles’ Beach took inspiration and followed closely behind Medley, both ended up safe. This hurt the Wolves early on.

Strikeouts and stolen bases plagued the first three innings for the Wolves. Eagles’ Kuzmicki held strong with many great plays, furthering their 5-0 lead at the end of the second inning. It was clear the Wolves let their weaknesses show but didn’t let them shine forever.

The end of the third inning grew hope for the Wolves. With the bases loaded, the Wolves scored three runs following flaws by Oak Hall. The score flips to a promising 5-3.

Valiant Comeback Effort Made

Oak Hall holds their lead strong edging into the last half of the game. Saint Francis struggled with keeping Oak Hall off the bases, allowing them to grab another run beginning of the fourth inning. Eagles hold their lead strong midway through the fourth, snagging a groundout to stop the Wolves.

The Eagles continued to dominate the Wolves kicking off the fifth inning. The Eagles grabbed two strikeouts against the Wolves before getting an impressive line out. The lead was held strong by the Eagles going 8-3. As the game progressed, the Eagles’ defense fell apart.

Entering the bottom of the sixth inning, the Wolves captured two lucky runs to raise the score to 8-5. The Eagles’ defense made vital errors, allowing these runs to happen. The Eagles clenched tight to their score, gaining one more run to finish with a score of 9-5.

Wolves On The Prowl For A Win

Despite their upsetting loss, the Wolves remained strong and demonstrated determination throughout the game. The Eagles capitalized upon the weaknesses of the Wolves.

St. Francis is still looking to earn more wins this season.

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