Hawthorne Baseball Shut Out By Cedar Key Sharks

The Hawthorne Hornets baseball team held strong to start but sadly fell to Cedar Key Sharks 19-6 Thursday night.

Hornets Eager To See Success

The Hornets began the game with a 4-2 lead by the end of the first inning.

Following straight into the second inning, Sharks caught up to the Hornets. This resulted in the score tying up 4-4.

As the game progressed, the momentum shifted towards the Cedar Key Sharks. They capitalized on the weaknesses of the Hornets’ defense and weak plays. The Sharks placed pressure upon the Hornets, scoring four runs in the second inning alone.

The second inning experienced a long pause as there was a large dispute made about a call by the ump. This resulted in the Sharks’ call and run being taken back. Sharks, however, earned their run right back and brought the score to 5-4.

The Hornets sought revenge but failed to reach it heading into the third inning. It was a weak inning for both teams, only the Sharks scored one successful run.

Sharks Shut Out Hornets in Fifth Inning

The Hornets fell victim to many strikeouts in the fourth inning alone. It was clear that hits were a weak point in the Hornets’ game.

The fifth inning finally began after a 30-minute game delay due to the lights not being on. Sharks held on strong and dominated in the fifth inning.

The Sharks capitalized off the weak pitching performed by the Hornets. It resulted in an outstanding twelve runs by the Sharks in the fifth inning. This resulted in a mercy rule, ending the game there.

Hornets Craving A Win

It is clear that the Hornets were upset about their loss but their spirit is not crushed yet. Watch out, the Hornets are seeking a win.

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