South Carolina Gamecocks at Georgia Bulldogs Preview

The South Carolina Gamecocks will visit Athens to play against the 7th ranked Georgia Bulldogs this Saturday. The match up should be interesting for a variety of reasons.

For one, Georgia hasn’t played a viable opponent yet this season. Another reason is South Carolina has a chance to stun a team that many think can win the national championship.

Georgia head coach Mark Richt seems to agree with that notion.

“There’s no question that South Carolina is a great rival game for us, and we know it’s an important one, and we have a lot of respect for them,” Richt said.

The upcoming SEC duel will tell a lot more about both teams.

Georgia Passing Game To Gain Legitimacy, Or Not

Countless analysts throughout the nation are declaring the Georgia Bulldogs as playoff bound.

It certainly seems like that is possible, especially after putting up outstanding numbers against Louisiana-Monroe, and Vanderbilt.  Georgia has scored 82 points combined in those games this season.

The Bulldogs are one of the best rushing teams this season with Nick Chubb carrying “the rock.” Chubb is shredding defenses on a consistent basis, and has gained 309 yards and scored two touchdowns this season.

The defense has been above average so far as well. Led by senior linebacker Jordan Jenkins with three sacks and 18 tackles, the defense has done well enough to help the team start off unbeaten.

Yet, the question that everyone is asking is how will the passing game work this season?

If there’s anything that will hinder the team’s ability to win a national championship it’s the fact that the Bulldogs are not doing a good job of passing the ball.

Georgia quarterback Greyson Lambert has only thrown for only 257 yards, and two touchdowns this season against sub-par opponents.

Currently the passing offense for the Bulldogs is ranked 103rd in the nation. It also doesn’t help that the offense has been ultra conservative by only throwing the ball 33 times.

If there’s anytime to “let it fly,” Saturday will be it.

The Gamecocks Still Have An Opportunity To Turn It Around 

On the flip side, the Gamecocks are not on pace to make the College Football Playoff. South Carolina lost to the Kentucky Wildcats at home (this is the first time the Wildcats have won on the road in more than five years) 26-22.

Also, 1-1 South Carolina starting quarterback Connor Mitch is out 4-6 weeks.

Perry Orth, who threw an interception during a crucial point late into the game against Kentucky, will start.

While things aren’t looking great for South Carolina this season, the possibility of turning things around remains.

While Orth wasn’t named the official starter from the beginning, he has posted similar numbers as Mitch.

This is no doubt an important SEC game for both teams.

To hear what Head Coach Mark Richt Has to say about the game listen below:


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