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Adam Gase gives Injury update on Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill

Dolphins Head Coach Adam Gase says Ryan Tannehill, Dolphins starting quarterback, is day-to-day as he recovers from right shoulder injury.

Monitoring Tannehill’s injury

Tannehill is suffering from a sore shoulder after a defensive lineman stripped him as he winded up to throw the ball in Week 5 of the Cincinnati Bengals game.

Tannehill intended to play Sunday against the Chicago Bears as he got treatment and warmed up before Gase ruled him inactive for the game.

Gase stated he doesn’t know what to expect. He said Tannehill might wake up on Wednesday and feel great and go out on Thursday and feel good. Then it will be about how he feels the next day.

“Anytime he has been banged up, or some kind of injury, he’s always progressed positively, Gase said.” That’s why we thought we would probably get the same thing, but that didn’t happen, that’s why we waited until the last minute. We will see how this week goes. I’ll know more when I can see him throw again.”

Normally, Tannehill is one of those guys who says the opposite of the what the doctors and trainers think is going to happen, but this was the first time that Tannehill agreed with what the doctors were saying. He agreed that he doesn’t feel right throwing the ball.

Tannehill will not take any more tests as Gase believes rest will be key for the soreness in his throwing shoulder. Gase stressed the importance of Tannehill being healthy and made it clear he will be the starting quarterback when he returns.

When asked when he thinks Tannehill will return, Gase repeated that he is literally day-to-day.

Tannehill will try to practice on Wednesday.

Here was Tannehill’s response to the Dolphins’ play on Sunday




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