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Former Gator Al Horford Helps Lead Celtics

Since his return on December 23rd, after being sidelined for over two weeks due to a knee injury, former Gator Al Horford has been more aggressive than ever for the Celtics offense. Horford was apart of the Gators back-to-back NCAA national championship team in 2006 and 2007. The 32-year-old joined the Celtics in 2016 after playing nine seasons on the Atlantic Hawks where he was the third pick of the 2007 draft.

Boston Celtics

In the 2018-2019 season, Horford averages 13.3 points, 4.1 assists, and 6.7 rebounds a game. Breaking their four-game losing streak with a 116-106 win over the Cavaliers last night, Horford’s aggression continues to shine.

“It just feels good, it feels good to win. Obviously, we weren’t perfect but I was happy with the focus of the group going into tonight.”

After missing the two previous games due to his knee again Horford was back on the court last night. The less the knee is an issue, the more aggressive he feels he can be. He was able to put up 19 points and 8 assists for the team. He kept the team balanced and calm on the court.

“You know for us just making sure that we responded the right way. Got stops when we needed to, taking good shots on offense, and we answered every run they had for us.”


Key players with Horford’s success on the court comes from Aron Baynes and Jayson Tatum. Baynes was able to get some more minutes in last night to step up on defense and protect the rim. The team contains depth as well which is key to them succeeding throughout the playoffs.

Up Next

The Celtics will host the Indiana Pacers Friday at 7 with only seven games left in the regular season as they prepare for the playoffs.

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