High School Soccer: Santa Fe’s offensive attacks proved too much for Eastside in a 3-1 victory


Eastside High School’s Coach, Bryan Haytak, spoke about his team.  

“We play different than any other team so my goal for this team is to make the other team try to adjust to our style of play. We’re a very young team but I couldn’t be happier with this team being what it is for my first year at Eastside.”

The Game:

Tonight’s game was a tale of Santa Fe being too much for the young Eastside team on both sides of the ball. Santa Fe scored the only goal of the half at the 21:16 mark. It was a rocket of a kick by number 14, sophomore Jace McGowan. Eastside, on the other hand, was unable to capitalize on a golden opportunity late in the half. The Santa Fe keeper blocked an Eastside shot and was unable to hold onto the ball. Eastside, unfortunately, could not get to the ball in time before it was cleared out resulting in no goal in the possession. The big story of the first half was Santa Fe being able to steal the ball from Eastside’s midfielders. Santa Fe was able to give just enough contact to jar the ball loose but to also not get a foul called.

The second half was all about offense for both teams. Three goals were scored this half; two for Santa Fe and one for Eastside. Just 1:30 into the second, Santa Fe nailed a beautiful goal off the crossbar from far away. The ball was perfectly placed just out of Eastside’s keeper’s reach. About 16 minutes into the second half, Eastside’s captain, junior center-back Sam Disabb, got the ball around midfield and brought it all the way forward past many defenders for a longshot beauty just past Santa Fe’s keeper’s hands. 19 minutes into the half, Santa Fe received a free kick almost from the sideline. The kick was blasted in for the fourth and final goal of the game. 3-1 win for Santa Fe. 

Post Game:

Santa Fe’s Coach was very happy with his team’s play tonight, especially the way the defenders performed as he said they are a very different unit from last year, only 2 or 3 starters coming back this year.


Game Highlights:


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