Florida Athletic Department issues COVID-19 message to UF

The state of Florida has been monitoring COVID-19 with hopes to prevent it from spreading any further.

Coronavirus and UF

Many colleges throughout the state of Florida have taken action throughout their campus to protect their students, faculty, and staff. The University of Florida has become one of the many colleges to issue measures in regards to protecting themselves against the Coronavirus.

The University has put out a message for professors and students stating that classes are still ongoing, but with a slight change. Professors have been told that if they could teach the class online that they should do so until further notice. In doing so, less students will come to campus in an attempt to stop the virus from spreading.

The University Athletic Department has teamed up with health officials issuing a press release stating that all Gator Athletics events are currently continued as planned. The University advise students to continue washing their hands and keep a hand sanitizer on them at all times.

The university will keep students, teachers and staff up to date regarding the spread of the virus. If the situation worsens, expect changes.

Florida continues to monitor the virus finding no cases of it in the Alachua county area as stated by the UAA. UF is doing their job to stop it from spreading to the county.


Prevention Tips

Currently there are no vaccines to prevent from one catching the disease, but there are many ways you can protect yourself by taking these precautions in your everyday life.

Washing your hands often with soap for 20 seconds or more can help, being that the virus spreads through contact from person to person. Also avoid a lot on contact with many people.

  • Avoid touching your facial features without washing your hands
  • Stay home if you are sick
  • Cover coughs and sneezes
  • Clean and disinfect any area of workspace.

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