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Scottie Lewis (left) is helped up by his teammates. (Credit @GatorsMBK on Twitter)

Analyst Bill Koss on Gator Basketball

Gator Radio Network analyst Bill Koss gave his thoughts on a highly anticipated and ultimately cut short 2019-2020 Gators Basketball season.

Pre-season rankings

Florida’s season can not be talked about without mentioning the preseason rankings. The Florida Gators were ranked in the preseason top ten. With a young core and the top transfer in the country in Kerry Blackshear, Florida was a sleeper Final Four pick. But, They did not finish with that ranking. However, Florida did finish with 19 wins and was poised for an NCAA tournament trip. But, of course, the coronavirus pandemic cut college basketball, and the rest of the sports world, short.

Bill Koss’s Thoughts

With all that being said and addressed, Bill Koss saw the season as an overall positive.

The Gators exceeded Koss’s own expectations by weathering one of the hardest non-conference schedules in the country. And, by also staying in the hunt well into the SEC tournament. Koss thinks they are only going to get better.

If Andrew Nembhard stays, The team is only losing one starter, graduate transfer Blackshear. Mike White is going to have one of his deepest teams next season.

Not only will they have three juniors with two years of starting experience, but the Gators will have one of the most athletic forwards in the country in Scottie Lewis.

Final Thoughts

In the age of “one-and-done”, Florida is building a deep team that is not relying on potential starters who only play to immediately go to the NBA. Florida may have the most experienced front-court in the country in Nembhard, Locke and Johnson. And, with Jitoboh and Payne, Florida could have it’s deepest back-court options in years.

The hope is that the way that 2020 ended will turn into the fire that makes this next group of Gators prove Florida Atheltic Director Scott Stricklen’s investment in Mike White.

Only time will tell.

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