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Former Gator Udonis Haslem speaks about George Floyd

Udonis Haslem spoke passionately about George Floyd on Sunday at a press conference in Miami. The former Gator basketball star was born in Miami, currently plays for the Heat and cares deeply about the city.


Udonis Haslem on the protesting

Protests and riots have broken out all across the country. It all started in Minneapolis on Tuesday night. From there, just about every big city in the U.S. has had a protest. Miami also had a protest, and it resulted in 38 arrests.

Haslem said there must be justice for George Floyd; that everyone’s voice needs to be heard. However, he did say the protesting has to be done in a better way.

Haslem speaking about his family

From simply scrolling through Twitter or turning on the news, one can see destruction and chaos going on in America right now. Udonis Haslem touched on that during his speech. He said he is scared to raise his kids in this country right now. He said he is more scared for his kids right now than he was when he was growing up.

Haslem being a leader in the community

Since he was drafted by the Heat, Haslem has been a leader in his hometown. He has a charity for local children in Miami. Also, he has been providing meals to families in need during COVID-19.

Now, Haslem wants to be a leader in Miami on this issue. He said that he wants to help come up with solutions to make things better.

The long time Heat player wants his community to move forward. First, he said there has be be justice for George Floyd. Next he said we have to be smart, and strategic in how we move forward. Finally, he says he believes we can’t keep going this way.

Overall, Haslem doesn’t want anymore violent protests, or violence from the police. He thinks we all should come together instead being divided on this issue.

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