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Will there be baseball this year?

There is growing concern that there won’t be a baseball season this year. The owners and the players have been going a back and forth for months, and can’t seem to agree.

ESPN MLB insider Jeff Passan laid out the doomsday scenario for Major League Baseball.

Even though it’s highly unlikely, each passing day without a deal means there is a better chance the season doesn’t happen.

What the current offer is

The MLB Player’s Union is known for being very strong. From the beginning, the players listed their demands, and haven’t wavered. However, recently, the owners have gotten closer to the demands of the players.

The players don’t seem to like this offer either.

Fan reaction to no baseball

As the negotiations continue, more and more fans are becoming impatient. ESPN’s Buster Olney said the reaction from fans is mostly indifference.

Because of this battle over money, MLB fans are checking out. Now, the pressure is on both the players and the owners to get a deal done very soon.

Baseball’s biggest fear

The biggest for Major League Baseball is the season starting up, and then stopping again. The owners are worried about a second wave of COVID-19. The fear is if the season starts, it could be shut down because of a positive test before the playoffs can begin.

Probably the biggest money maker for the MLB is the playoffs, so that would be a huge hit to revenue if that gets canceled.

Overall, The MLB doesn’t want to concede too much to the players in case the playoffs are canceled. The players think they have all the leverage. It will be interesting to see who caves first.

Also, MLB said that they players will have until Wednesday to respond to the offer the owners presented.


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