Ron Rivera talks about Washington Football Team’s Future

If there were a word to describe the year 2020, it would be “tough”. Last year was tough on everybody, including the Washington football team. In August 2020, Ron Rivera, Washington Football Team’s head coach, was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma located in a lymph node of his neck. Yet, his treatment did not stop him from coaching the team. The team managed to make it to the playoffs but stumbled on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

With the help of its coaches and players, the team is looking forward to the next season.

Washington Football Last Season

The team ended last season with a .438 winning percentage. Alex Smith, the team’s quarterback, helped the team a lot, in many ways. After missing out on the 2019 season due to injury, Smith rushed 1,582 yards overall to take the team to the playoffs. According to Rivera, Smith was able to do things the team needed him to do as a quarterback.

Along with Smith, Rivera is grateful for Washington’s coaching staff.

” I don’t think it was my best coaching jobs that I have ever done because of the whole atmosphere of the situation. I think it was one of the best coaching jobs that the staff did because we have a lot of guys who picked up the slacks for me when I was going to my treatments early in the morning,” Rivera said.

He added that the way that the coaching staff handled the situation shows a lot of growth from the team’s young coaches especially.

Washington’s Upcoming Season

The team is ready to address the quarterback situation. Rivera said that the team is evaluating all its options.

“We are going to look at them and talk about them,” he said. ” We are mapping out exactly which direction we are going to be headed as far as each position”.

As for Cam Newton, soon-to-be free agent, the team is not closing any door.

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