PK Yonge warms up on the field before next inning.

PK Yonge Softball off to Rough Start for 2021 Season

New year, New Team

Last year, COVID-19 hit teams across the country hard as they were forced to end their seasons early. A year later, many teams were able to bounce back from the previous uneventful season. The PK Yonge Softball Team, however, took a hit when it was left without enough older, experienced players to form a Varsity Team.

Although PK Yonge has had a JV Softball Team for a few years now, it is the first time they will not have a team competing at the Varsity level. While some girls on the team do have experience, many of them are young and new to the sport.

When asked about his new team, Coach Ryan Stewart replied that for half of the team “this is their first time playing or [they] haven’t played in years.” While trying to both teach some girls from the very beginning and getting others ready for Varsity, there is a lot of “mixing and matching who to play.”

Starting the Season

It is not surprising for the beginning of a season to start a little rocky. Players usually spend their pre-season practices becoming accustomed to each other, warming up their muscle memory, and learning new plays. For new players, these practices involve learning the basics.

Learning how to catch, swing, play different positions, and where to throw is important for Softball players to know. However, with such a short time frame between the first practice and first game, it can be hard for new players to get everything down in one fell swoop.

First Home Game

The PK Yonge Blue Wave faced off against the Bronson Eagles for their opening home game Friday evening. Although the crowd was large and spirits were high, PK Yonge was unable to take the lead and lost 11-22.

Despite Bronson’s early lead, the PK Yonge girls did their best to cheer each other on and close the gap. 8th Grader Ali Sanetz had noticeable batting skills as she hit balls right past the outfielders twice during the game. The first time allowed PK Yonge to score two runs. The second time she was up to bat, the bases were loaded. She did not let that opportunity go to waste and her hit secured PK Yonge another three runs.

Practice Makes Perfect

Regarding the team’s challenges and what he hopes to work on, Coach Stewart remarked, “I think the girls are pretty good offensively as far as at the plate, but we are just really learning where we need to be on each play, [and] where to throw the ball.”

The PK Yonge JV Team has suffered multiple losses so far, but some of the games have been very close.

As the girls continue to improve their skills while practicing and playing games and grow together as a team, a win is definitely within grasp for the Blue Wave.

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