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Potential NY Giants Trade Back

The New York Giants general manager Dave Gettleman, as well as the director of college scouting Chris Pettit, held a virtual press conference Thursday to discuss NFL draft options.

Dave Gettleman

One of the strategies discussed was a potential trade back, which is something Gettleman explains he has never done in his career of eight drafts and 54 picks. He went on to say that he has tried this tactic before but has never been successful.

“We’ve had opportunities,” Gettleman said. “I’ve tried. You have to understand, the other piece of this is sometimes you have a trade and the guy that the team is trading up for gets picked in front of you. We’ve had that happen to us. ‘We got a trade. We got a trade. So and so selects … no trade, Dave. Goodbye. Hang the phone up on me.’ So that happens too.”

Gettleman says there has been a few times that by the time he and his team agreed on a deal, the player they were targeting had already been drafted.

“You guys don’t believe me, but I’ve tried [to trade back in the past]. I’m not getting fleeced; I refuse to do it. If somebody wants to make a bad trade back, God bless them. It’s almost like an urban myth. I’ve tried.”

With Gettleman having a 11th overall pick in Thursdays first round, he explains how important the number of quarterbacks taken in the top 10 will effect the team’s success with their pick.

“The more quarterbacks that go, the more players it pushes to us. It’s obviously helpful. Frankly I’d like to see 10 quarterbacks go in front of us. But the more quarterbacks that go, the better it is for us.”

Th Giants actually haven’t traded down since the first round of the 2006 NFL Draft under the direction of Ernie Accorsi.

The Giants made 10 picks last year, with no trades. This year, New York has six picks in the draft.

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