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Florida Softball in Athlete’s Unlimited, Ocasio Earns MVP

Florida softball players have found a new league to play in.

Athlete’s Unlimited features three women’s sports in a fantasy-based method: volleyball, lacrosse and softball.  However, instead of playing on one team the whole season, the athletes join a new team each week.

Six former Gator softball players are participating in the five-week Athlete’s Unlimited Season 2. Olympians Michelle Moultrie (#9), Kelsey Stewart (#11) and Aubree Munro (#48) are entering their second year. Additionally, Women’s College World Series champion Aleshia Ocasio, who has already earned an MVP award and Jordan Roberts also make their return. UF softball volunteer assistant Amanda Lorenz makes her debut. The league also features WCWS and Olympic favorites like pitchers Cat Osterman and Odicci Alexander.

Athletes Unlimited Structure

In all three sports, players collect points in three categories:

  • Win Points
  • Game MVPs
  • Individual Stats

Win points come from team performance. A player earns 50 points for a win and 10 points for each inning her team leads. For tied innings, points roll over to the next one.

Next, game three MVPS are voted on each game by members of AU and players. There are three MVPs a game and they earn points according to their MVP rank.

For softball, players earn points based on offensive performance and pitching, according to the Athletes Unlimited website.

  • Single: +10 points
  • Double: +20 points
  • Triple: +30 points
  • Home run: +40 points
  • Stolen base: +10 points
  • Caught Stealing: -10 points
  • Base on balls: +8 points
  • HBP: +8 points
  • Sacrifice Fly/Bunt: +10

At the end of each week, the top four point scorers are named captains. They have two minutes for each round of the draft. AU believes that the redrafting does away with stacked teams and emphasizes individual parity.

In the inaugural season, players were guaranteed $10,000 and could make up to $35,000 via bonuses.

Gator Stats

#8 Aleshia Ocasio: 1.90 ERA

#9 Michelle Moultrie: 2 runs, 3 hits, 1 RBI

#11 Kelsey Stewart: 2 runs, 2 hits

#33 Jordan Roberts: 1 walk

#36 Amanda Lorenz: 1 run, 2 hits, .455 OBP

#48 Aubree Munro: 3 putouts

Checking in with Aleshia Ocasio

In her first game on Saturday, Aleshia Ocasio was named MVP #2, earning her 40 points. She picked up the win after four innings of allowing three hits and one run.

She had her 2020 season interrupted for personal reasons, so getting to return was special for her.

“It meant the world to me,” she said. “I just wanted to go out there and compete and get this win under our belt. But I was just excited to be out there. There were some nerves, but Gwen (Svekis) called a great game (behind the plate). We worked really well together. I’ve known her since I was in high school. I would say we did pretty well together. DJ (Sanders) threw up a three-run bomb and opened it up for us. It was just a great team effort.”

Ocasio currently has the second-lowest ERA in the league at 1.90.


The next game is set for Saturday with new rosters established for this week.

Where to Watch

Seven games will air on CBS Sports Network, while 15 games will broadcast on FS1 or FS2. The other eight games are accessible via YouTube and Facebook.

The full schedule can be seen here. Games are played at the Parkway Bank Sports Complex in Rosemont, Illinois.

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