Gervon Dexter talks Gator Football

As Florida football prepares for a week two matchup against USF on Saturday, sophomore defenseman Gervon Dexter discusses his thoughts on the season so far.

Win Against FAU

Florida saw their first win of the season against FAU last Saturday, and Dexter’s ability to recover two fumbles and his quarterback hit played a huge role in the victory.  The defensive unit was able to hold FAU from scoring until late into the second half.

Contributing to the Florida D-Line

Dexter says that the biggest thing he can contribute to the D-Line is his ability to stand his gaps.

Desmond Watson

When Dexter met freshman Desmond Watson, his first impression was his size.

Dexter thinks that Watson and his ability to move is going to be a great addition to the team.

Anthony Richardson and Emory Jones

The redshirt junior Emory Jones and redshirt freshman Anthony Richardson both took on the quarterback role last week against FAU.  Jones, who started for the Gators, went 17-27 for 113 yards with one touchdown and two interceptions.  Richardson finished 3-8  for 40 yards.

Despite being new to the team, Dexter is no stranger to Richardson’s talents.  The redshirt freshman quarterback and Dexter actually played basketball together in the sixth grade.

Dexter says that having the talent of both Richardson and Jones on the team is a blessing.

Looking Ahead

This Saturday, the Gators will take on USF on the road looking to get their second win of the season.  Dexter says their goal is to shut USF out, but that’s their goal no matter who they play.

The Gators travel to Tampa for a week two matchup against USF. The Game will kickoff on Saturday, Sept. 11 at 1 p.m.

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