Columbia Falls to Baker County in a Hard-Fought Battle

The Columbia High School Tigers and Baker County High School Wildcats met head to head for an intense battle between the two girls’ volleyball teams Tuesday evening.

1st Set

As the first set of the match begins, Baker County starts off as a powerhouse. Immediately the Wildcats score the first point on the board, then another, and then three more making it 5-0.

Columbia manages to start catching up as Brandi Oliver (7) spikes the ball into Baker County territory. The Tigers score two more points before the Wildcats come back to make the score 6-3, Baker County. As Columbia starts to find their mojo, a tie ensues, 6-6. Who will take the lead?

Baker County goes for the spike in hopes that they can take back their position as front runners. However, it hits the net and Columbia’s fans break out in cheer as their team gains a point.

Although they deemed to be ahead, Columbia continued to stay at single digits as Baker County moves forth. They score and score until they lead 18-9. The Lady Tigers keep a strong, positive mindset as they shouted, “Communicate guys,” and, “We got this!”

Baker County keeps on inching its way to 25 points. As they near 22 points, Columbia puts up a strong fight. Ella Sparks (10) saves the ball to attempt to prevent a point against the Tigers. The two teams continue passing the ball back and forth with strong defense on both sides preventing a quick play. The point eventually goes to Baker County after a hit out of bounds by Columbia. The first set ends 25-17 with a Baker County victory.

 2nd Set

Keeping the energy up the Tigers form a huddle and chant, “1, 2, 3 Tigers!” and run out onto the court.

The set starts out with a Columbia lead. Baker County is not too far behind, 4-7. The Wildcats make a huge spike as the Tigers try to save it, hitting it out of bounds instead. The score is 5-7. Baker gets two more hits and ties it at 7-7.

The constant ties begin. After 7-7, the scores tie at 9-9, then 10-10, and 12-12. From here, Columbia fights to keep up with Baker County. They block, save, hit—but, Baker County gets ahead.

The score is 24-20. Columbia is doing all that they can to make it to 25 before Baker County does. However, on the last play of the set, things go south for Columbia as the ball hits the net after an attempted hit, giving Baker County their desired 25th point.

The final score of the second set was 25-20, Baker.

3rd Set

Having lost the previous two sets, the Tigers are back and ready for blood.

They impress the crowd and start off with a bang keeping Baker County from scoring, 5-0. The Wildcats get their first point after a spike to the far left side of Columbia’s territory.

From that point on, Columbia struggled to hold Baker County off as they eventually take the lead. A timeout is called after a very exciting and unexpected first quarter of the set. 7-6, Baker.

After multiple successful spikes, Columbia’s Brandi Oliver (7) completes yet another to give her team a point. Ella Sparks (10) dove and saved the ball during an important play, leading her team to an increase in their score and a two-point lead. 10-12, Columbia. As seen in the previous two sets, Columbia loses its lead and falls to an eventual final score of 25-20.

Baker County High School defeats Columbia High School, 3-0, in a hard-fought match.


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