Oak Hall volleyball plays St. Francis

Oak Hall Dominates St.Francis Catholic On Senior Night

The Saint Francis Catholic Wolves (6-13) traveled to Oak Hall School (15-8) to play the Eagles. After a dominant performance, the Eagles defeated the Wolves in just three sets.

Senior Night

It was senior night for the Oak Hall girl’s volleyball team. They recognized their seniors before the game by holding a ceremony with the players’ parents walking beside them.


The home crowd advantage was crazy with the student section being fully packed. Head coach Perry McDonald spoke about what this special night meant to his team and how talented his seniors were.

Strong 1st Set for Oak Hall

Sophomore Pene Moser had a great spike to start the game and build the momentum for the Eagles. After three quick points, Saint Francis got a few hits to tie the game. Moser shows out yet again, getting three aces in a row. Senior Sophia Aulisio lands a hard spike to take a six point lead. The lead continues to grow as all of Oak Halls’s players get some good hits in. Their aggression and teamwork were too much for Saint Francis to handle. They would go on to dominate the first set and win 25-13.

At the end of the first set, coach McDonald was honored for his 300th career win as a high school head coach. He spoke about what this meant to him and how the fans made the moment that much better.

Eagles Dominate In Set 2

Sophomore Lexi Jureco starts off the set with a great serve to get the Eagles on the board. The Eagles start the set with some great team play and take an early 7-3 lead. The wolves begin to come back by putting up three unanswered points on the board. Oak Hall came into this game with a clear height advantage and utilized that to block some of St. Francis’s hits. St.Francis’s coach and fans went crazy as they put up some great points again and forced Oak Hall to call a timeout with the score being 11-9 Eagles up.

Coming out of the timeout, the Eagles looked more disciplined and took a commanding 17-10 lead. This would be the start of an Eagles 14 unanswered point streak that wins them the game 25-10.

Set 3 Goes Down To The Wire

Oak Hall came into this set looking to finish the game. However, St.Francis wasn’t going anywhere. After a slow start, they scored a handful of points and took the lead with a score of 8-6 for the Wolves. Oak Hall didn’t let them faze them, as they came back and tied the game 10-10. Oak Hall slowly began to pull away with a few great hustle plays. They lead 19-12 before St.Francis called a much-needed timeout.

St.Francis came out and played like everything was on the line. They score a few unanswered points and bring it to 24-21 Eagles. Ending the game with a big play from senior Cate Cannon, Oak Hall wins the 3rd set 25-21 and wins the game!


Preparing For Playoffs

The Eagles finished with a winning record of 16-8. With this game against St.Francis Catholic being Oak Hall’s last game of the season, the Eagles look forward to the playoffs and hope to fix any weak parts of their game. Head coach McDonald shares his team’s game-plan heading into next week.

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