Gators Gymnastics gets st for new season
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Florida Gymnastics Looks to Soar

With the No.1 freshman class in America, Gator gymnastics looks to reinvent itself as an SEC powerhouse.

Leaping Into 2022

Right now, the massive dome on Stadium Drive in Gainesville is simply something to look at on the way to their next class. As the sun dips below the moss covered trees however, the Stephen O’Connell Center will open its doors, and Gators gymnastics will enter the floor for the first time since February. Florida enters the season ranked No. 2 after a valiant last effort in the NCAA semifinal last season. While the Gators may not have made it to the championship, they made a name for themselves, which is a good step for head coach Jenny Rowland.

The 2022 season needs to take the expectations set in 2021 and raise them higher. Rowland plans on bringing another national championship to Gainesville, and in order to do that, her team needs to be completely l0cked in. There has not been an issue in that department so far, with the team constantly practicing and pushing each other past their limits. This is not just a motivated team, this is a motivated team that knows they can win.

The Kids Are Alright

Sure, returning star power is always a plus when it comes to creating a championship caliber gymnastics team, but the Gators have something better. This past off season, Florida attracted several new recruits who have created a splash with their talent and versatility. With these recruits, the Gators boast the No. 1 freshman class in the nation, and have put themselves on a solid path to use them correctly.

While this is a phenomenal development for the 2022 season, Rowland has shown that she plans to take dominance these next few years. With an elite freshman class, all with four years of eligibility, the Gators are on a path to hold their place in the top five for years to come. Rowland’s focus on recruiting and longevity show hints of Nick Saban at Alabama, who focuses on the future as equally as the present. This is an increasingly successful strategy, and shows to have its benefits time and time again.

As the 2022 season enters the first few matches, the Gators will have to prove that they are legitimate contenders and will once again push for a new addition to the trophy case.

The 2022 season kicks off at 6:45 p.m. on Friday, Jan. 7th at the Stephen O’Connell Center.



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