Tennessee fans tear down the goal post after defeating Alabama 52-49 in an NCAA college football game Saturday, Oct. 15, 2022, in Knoxville, Tenn. (AP Photo/Wade Payne)

SEC to Update Policies Over Rushing the Field

The SEC will be updating policies regarding rushing the field and courts after games, according to an announcement from SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey Friday. Sankey also said the conference will look for ways to support crowd management for a safer experience for fans.

Recent Incidents

In the past month, two SEC teams have been fined. LSU was fined $250,000 after beating Ole Miss, and Tennessee was fined $100,000 for beating Alabama on a game winning field goal.


When it comes to rushing the field, it’s an exciting feeling to celebrate with your favorite team, coach or player. But most forget the harm to opposing players, coaches and possible injury to themselves jumping from the stands.

Additionally, the school has to pay more to supply security and Tennessee was forced to replace their field goal post and the equipment stolen from the sidelines in their win over the Crimson Tide.

According to an article from Fanbuzz, when fans rush the field for the first time, the school is fined $50,000. If it happens a second time, it costs $100,000 while a third offense costs $250,000.

What is to Come?

SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey and SEC officials plan on implementing a study on post-game celebrations. The schools will provide recommendations that will be presented at SEC media days next spring.

Sankey said in his announcement, “Our institutions remain current and vigilant in crowd control best practices and continue to work with local law enforcement to develop effective security protocols at SEC venues.”

Alabama, Florida, Georgia and Mississippi State are the only teams that have not been fined for rushing the field.  In the past nine years, Alabama has had an opponent rush the field against them a total of six times after losses. Auburn fans have rushed the field three times while fans of Ole miss, Texas A&M and Tennessee have rushed once.

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