Blue Wave Rally in Senior Night Blowout

Friday night marked a spectacular final home game for the P.K. Yonge girls. The Blue Wave took on the Cedar Key Sharks and put on an offensive showcase during their senior night. After several great stretches of hits and even better fielding, the Blue Wave closed the game out in the bottom of the 4th, boasting a 17-1 victory.

Hitting Frenzy

The Blue Wave girls started their night off right, taking a demanding 6-0 lead after the first inning. After several streaks of singles and doubles, it was clear their offense was firing on all cylinders. On defense, not a single walk was given to the Sharks and only 2 hits and a run were allowed in the second inning. Then, the Blue Wave took advantage of a pair of walks and a hit pitch. With the bases loaded, a single gets one of the runners home before the inning is over.

Extending the Lead

Soon after their first two commanding innings, P.K. Yonge looked to close out the game. The top of the third inning saw just one hit interrupting three consecutive ground outs. Returning on offense, the Blue Wave went back to their great offensive play. After a series of walks, stolen bases, and hits, a runner gets home. Another walk occurs and Sophomore Emma Mansfield gets her second single of the night to extend the lead to a 7-run difference.

By now the Blue Waves are fired up, rallying chants fiercely from the dugout. A double base hit follows her and she steals home off an error to continue the streak. Then, senior Desi Graco shines in her sendoff, loading the bases off of her hit. The Blue Wave refused to slow down at this point and after a series of hits, Graco and the runners hit home plate, Extending the lead to double digits.

A defensively sound 4th inning shuts out hopes of a comeback. And after a double base hit and a third hit from Mansfield, The Blue Wave close out the game 17-1 in the bottom of the 4th inning. This offensive dominance shows just how good P.K. Yonge can be at their peak, and they look to finish the season strong before making a deep postseason run. Friday night’s game puts them at 10-7 for the season. They’ll take on Colombia High School on Tuesday, one of their final two games of the regular season.

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