Newberry Panthers Defeat Saint Francis Wolves

Written by Jori Rzepecki and Andrea Castiblanco

The Saint Francis Wolves softball team put forth a great effort during an away game against the Newberry Panthers. Sadly, the Wolves fell to the Panthers 12-7 Wednesday night.

Panthers Start Strong

The Wolves and Panthers began the game with a tie of 1-1 by the end of the first inning.

Following straight into the second inning, the Panthers took off. The sophomore for the Panthers, Malana Kennard, hit a double, allowing Newberry to score three runs. The batter for the Panthers, Hollie Pabst, extends the score run for the Panthers by hitting another double, resulting in Newberry scoring another two runs. 

By the end of the second inning, the score skyrocketed up to 8-2, with the Panthers on top. 

As the game progressed, momentum for the Newberry Panthers continued. The Panthers used the weaknesses of the Wolves to their advantage. This helped raise the score, widening the lead of the Panthers. 

The third inning fell slow for both teams, each scoring zero points. 

Wolves Attempted A Comeback

To kick off the fourth inning, it was evident the Wolves were seeking revenge after their rough start to the game. It was clear that many weaknesses still shone through. The Wolves scored one run compared to Newberry’s two runs. The score moved to 10-3. 

Moving forward into the fifth inning, the Wolves had a much more successful time. Senior pitcher for the Wolves, Kaylee Lamberson, did not allow the Panthers to score any points within the inning. It was clear that the Wolves were seeking a comeback, scoring two runs to raise their score up to 10-5 by the end of the fifth inning. 

For the final two innings, the Wolves went for two more runs, hoping to raise their score. However, the valiant effort was overshadowed by the Panthers securing another two runs.

Wolves Seeking Revenge

From overheard conversations, the coaches encouraged their teams to move forward and congratulated all on putting in their best effort. 

The final score of 12-7 left the Wolves wishing for a win. The St. Francis Wolves will head home to play the Cedar Key Sharks on Wednesday at 6 p.m.

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