Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers takes the field against the Buffalo Bills on Monday. (USATI)
Aaron Rodgers takes the field against the Buffalo Bills on Monday. (USATI)

Jets Star QB Aaron Rodgers Hopeful for Season Return

The New York Jets star quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, was recently cleared for “functional football activity” and may return to play before the end of the season.

Current Status

Rodgers still hasn’t been cleared to play football but he is making great progress. He is expected to make significant progress with his rehab in this upcoming 21-day time frame. There are no guarantees that Rodgers can make a comeback this season but hopes are high.

According to Jets’ Head Coach, Robert Saleh, this is just another step in the right direction. He is performing the same rehabilitation drills that he already has been doing for the past two months. However, he is performing them with his teammates now rather than obstacles.

Determining Factors

Before being cleared to play football himself, there are other factors at stake for Rodgers. A player knows his own body the best as opposed to medical scans and results. If they want to play through an injury, they understand the risk they put themselves in.

According to Rodgers himself, there are two main factors that determine whether or not he returns this season. His health is his number one priority before anything. Secondly, is whether or not the Jets have a legitimate chance to make a playoff push. Rodgers doesn’t want to rush a come back for a team that isn’t going to be playing during the postseason.

What Does This Mean for the Jets?

In hindsight, whether or not Rodgers returns by the end of the season, the Jets season is unlikely to see playoff action. With multiple remaining matchups being against other potential AFC wildcard teams, the Jets playoff hopes are extremely slim. Their current four-game losing streak has dug them a hole that even Rodgers cannot take them out of if he were to return.

Regardless, Rodgers will be back by the 2024 season and the Jets will be ready to start fresh from there if Rodgers is not ready to go for the last couple games of this season.

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