Philadelphia Phillies' Bryce Harper pulls on his gloves for batting practice, Tuesday, March 26, 2019, in Philadelphia. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

Phillies host Braves on Opening Day

Rejoice baseball fans! The greatest game in the world without a clock is officially back. As spring rolls around, so does the return of baseball. With records at an even 0-0 and even just the slightest possibility of winning a world series, optimism is at an all time high for every team.

Today, the Philadelphia Phillies and the Atlanta Braves face off in their first NL East contest of the 2019 season.

The Phillies

Technically all 30 MLB teams have been playing for about a month now thanks to Spring Training. However, today is true Game 1 of their 162-game season.

Bryce Harper nearly broke the internet back at the start of March with his monster of a contract with the Phillies. Harper agreed to 13 years for $330 million with the Phills. He’s one of the biggest names in baseball and today fans get to see him in action for the first time in his new digs.

The Phillies organization has been around since 1883. Yet, they have the same number of World Series victories as the Marlins who didn’t come onto the baseball scene until 1993. Philadelphia has struggled in recent years to string together a winning baseball team.

The 2019 season brings a new beginning for the Phillies. Now, with he acquisition of Harper, the return of slugger Rhys Hoskins, as well new additions of Andrew McCutchen and Jean Segura has jolted this fan base into believing, and hoping, that the hard times as a Phill are finally ending.

The Braves

Back in 2018 the Braves snapped a 4-year stint of losing seasons with their NL East title. Atlanta finished 2018 with a 90-72 record. The Phillies ended the season just 10 games behind; without Bryce Harper by the way. Although the Braves didn’t make it deep into the postseason, the postseason experience for this young team is still fresh in their minds.

Atlanta returns a star studded lineup for the 2019 season that’ll be certain to give the rest of the NL East a run for their money. Stars like Ronald Acuna Jr., Dansby Swanson, Josh Donaldson, and Freddie Freeman just to name a few, are the driving force behind this new Braves team.

Battle for the East

The fight for the NL East title begins today. Each team full of hope and packed with some of baseball’s biggest names. Tonight, the Braves travel to Philly with first pitch set for 3:05 p.m. ET. Although all eyes are certainly expected to be fixed upon Harper today, fans should expect a thrilling first meeting between these two National League powerhouses.

Cheers to opening day!

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