Bobcats lacrosse readies for battle with Santa Fe Raiders

When most think of spring in high school, a few words come to mind; spring break, prom and graduation to name a few. Athletically, many sports fans will immediately think of America’s pastime, baseball, or even track. Lacrosse used to hardly even be mentioned, let alone be revered as a popular sport. Well, as the great Bob Dylan once said, the times they are a- changin.

Lacrosse has gone from an exclusively northern sport played by prep schools to a national phenomenon seemingly overnight. It is the fastest growing sport in the country and it is quickly taking over the spring season at many high schools.

Buchholz High School is no different. While the Bobcats’ athletic program is known for their baseball team, and rightfully so, the athletes on the lacrosse field deserve more recognition. Buchholz lacrosse won the 2017 district championship and came out of the gates in 2020 scorching hot. The Bobcats obliterated district opponent Gainesville High School 22-0 in their opening game and will look to build on the momentum at home against the 1-2 Santa Fe Raiders on Wednesday.

Here are some storylines entering the contest.

Bobcats Lacrosse Readies for Battle with Santa Fe Raiders

Bobcats Bouceback?

Buchholz is looking to return to form in 2020 after a lackluster season in 2019 left something to be desired. They went 7-11 and lost to Oak Hall in the district tournament. However, the Bobcats look ready to bounce back this season. As already mentioned, they ran right through their opening night opponent of Gainesville. They also have a track record of winning. Buchholz has just two losing seasons since 2011 including last season. They will come out ready to win against the Raiders on Wednesday, eager to get back on top. Expect the Bobcats to return to prominence in a big way this season.

Defense on the Prowl

The Buchholz defense is fiery, never backing down from a challenge. They pitched a shutout to start the season and will look to continue the scoreless streak against Santa Fe. To do that, they need to contain Spencer Bonfiglio. The senior is on attack and has scored 11 goals in three games so far this year. Stopping him will be up to the veteran Bobcat group, which is led by senior Tanner Cavallo and juniors Josh Garzon and Connor Williams. Make no mistake, the Buchholz offensive attack will score and score often. It is up to the defense to lock down the Raiders to secure the victory.

Time and Place

The game is expected to start at 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 26, and will be played at Buchholz High School.


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