FHSAA pushes all spring activies back to May 3

The FHSAA recently came out with a COVID-19 update. They said all activities would be pushed back to May 3. The FHSAA said they were following the lead of the U.S. Government, and acting in accordance with them.

Possibly a shortened season

The FHSAA is also looking at possibilities of picking up spring sports again after May 3 and having the season go to June 30. Of course, everything would have to go right in terms of flattening the curve, but there is at least a chance it could happen.

Additional eligibility for spring athletes

There could also be just as good of a chance we don’t get high school sports back on May 3, and the FHSAA is prepared for that too. They said they have a plan in place for spring athletes who didn’t get to play this year. The hope is to give them an extra year of eligibility, much like what the NCAA did recently.

Potential fallout from each decision

If things all go according to plan, and we get high school sports back on May 3, then that would have an interesting effect on recruiting. We already know NCAA spring athletes will get another year of eligibility, but how will that affect spring athletes in high school?

First of all, their roster spot may not even be there now since college seniors will get another year. Second, high school seniors may need to reopen their recruitment. Mostly because of their roster spot not being there on the team they wanted. Finally, they may end up on a whole new team altogether. A team that team didn’t have as many seniors on the roster as their original team.

Recruiting could actually be a little easier if we don’t have spring sports. The FHSAA already said if we don’t have spring sports then they will give everyone another year of eligibility. If some high school athletes decide to stay at their school, then it will reduce what could be a major logjam.

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